Seriously when I learn that someone is into kpop…i have a hard time because i dont know how to talk to them…like how deep are you in? what level of fangirl are you comfortable with?


Lmfao ass cheek.



We need help raising funds for our beautiful shepherd puppy with a broken jaw.

Our director received an urgent call today (7/14/14) about an injured German shepherd hiding under coils in the back of a warehouse. She left immediately to help this poor girl.

We went to our normal vet only to find that she has a dislocated, fractured and infected jaw due to head trauma; most likely hit by a car. She has two teeth missing from her bottom jaw and a possible piece of her jaw missing. She is bleeding from the whites of her eyes and needed to be rushed to OVRS for immediate surgery. Please say a prayer, donate and share our newest rescue.

For direct donations, please contact Oakland Veterinary Referral Services at (248) 334-6877. Thanks so much to all who have donated so far.

SIGNAL BOOST: Ok, I know you guys see A LOT of these posts, and I know you scroll past them, I know you probably will but seriously….DON’T DO IT WITH THIS ONE. Just listen to me! this is so important and it is very important that this poor baby gets the surgery she needs immediately!!!!!! there’s not that much time left, she’s only a baby pup and this fundraiser is really important, PLEASE PASS THIS ON!!!!!!! 



this probably tops all the other wisdom teeth videos




Hey guys!! So I am about to transfer to a university and move out of my parents house so I am in desperate need of some extra money. So to help solve this problem I have come to the difficult decision to sell my B1A4 merch. Please realize I am not becoming less of a fan of them, I simply need the money :(

Ahem anyway!! All sales are final, U.S. ONLY. Add about 2.50 shipping for items in the 2st picture.  I only accept PayPal/debit or credit. Here is a link to my ebay shop


CNU Who Am I cover album is no longer available.